Growing up between New York and the suburbs of Toronto, where they absorbed music and inspiration from the library music shelves and many late-night blog trawls, Neonlichter – born Jason Rule – cut their teeth on college radio in Hamilton, DJing before they could even legally take part in their city’s nightlife.

Created both as a means to channel their growing love for all things dance music and to learn how to DJ, Jason started Astral Travelling and hosted it for 8 years, playing host to a number of local and international talents including Bradley Zero, Ciel, Karl Meier, Orphx, and Andi Hanley. A year studying in Leeds introduced them to a vibrant young scene they felt was missing at home, and inspired them to start a residency in Hamilton, later interning with The Bunker and WFMU in New York. The name change from Bonaventure to Neonlichter also signaled a shift in style, from something signalling a testing ground in presentation and output, to something still eclectic, but more polished.

A versatile DJ, they’ve opened for and played alongside the likes of David August, Gigi Masin, Mike Servito, Paquita Gordon, Scott Zacharias, Maria Minerva, The Revenge, and Jessy Lanza, while mixes for such established platforms as Brilliant Corners, Invisible City, Red Light Radio, and Mysteries Of The Deep - showcase the depth of their digging and their knack for finding contrasts and polymorphic textures across genres.

They host Days Of Steam every 4th Saturday at 6 PM on n10.as.